Fiber to the Premise

What is “Fiber-to-the-Premises”?

Lincoln Telephone is preparing to deliver fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology to several of its exchanges over the next few years.  This involves upgrading the existing copper wire networks to fiber optic cable and connecting it directly to residential and commercial buildings.  Fiber optic cable is capable of delivering data at high speeds and has a much greater bandwidth capacity than copper.

What are the advantages of having fiber run directly to my home or business?

By providing fiber optic cable “to the premises,” Lincoln Telephone will be able to deliver regular phone service, High Speed Internet and even video all over one line and will still have room for other new telecommunication technologies that may be developed over the next 20-30 years.

What other benefits will FTTP bring?

By upgrading to FTTP, Lincoln Telephone will be able to provide the absolute latest technology for the next generation, which could lead to increased property values and promote economic development.

Where will the new fiber be installed?

The new cable will run underground directly to residential and commercial buildings.

Does any special equipment need to be installed in or on my house?

Lincoln Telephone will need to place a new device called an ONT (optic network terminal) on the outside of the premises.  This may or may not be where the old connection was, depending on several factors.  A separate power source will also need to be placed inside the premises within 50’ of the ONT.  The cost of the additional power needed for this device will be negligible.  In some cases new wiring inside the house will be required to ensure that service can be delivered at the desired level of quality, which Lincoln Telephone will provide at no cost.

What about my personal property?

Property owners are required to allow access and right of way as needed for upgrades such as this as a condition of membership in the telephone cooperative.  Lincoln Telephone will make every effort to leave personal property in good repair at the end of the project.

Do I have a choice in allowing this upgrade to be done?

No.  When the existing copper network in a given exchange is upgraded, the only way to continue to receive local landline phone service from Lincoln Telephone will be via the new fiber optic cable.  This is the case regardless of whether or not you subscribe to any advanced service, such as high speed internet, that Lincoln Telephone offers.