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Telephone Features


Telephone Service

($50.00 Deposit required & refundable after 6 months of payments within terms)


Basic Unlimited Phone Rate (includes Local Access calling into Helena)

Basic Measured Phone Rate ($ .09/minute to anywhere in extended Calling Area)

(Local Calling Area consists of:  Lincoln, Canyon Creek, Helena, East Helena, Boulder,Townsend,  Canyon Ferry, Wolf Creek, Avon & Elliston)

Approx.  $18.45/month

Approx.  $13.95/month

Basic Unlimited Business Phone Rate

Basic Measured Business Phone Rate

Approx.  $35/month

Approx.  $28/month

Call Waiting, Call Forward & 3 Way Calling


Caller ID


Caller ID on Call Waiting


Voice Mail               50 messages

                                 75 messages

                               100 messages




Teen Line – 2nd number w/a distinctive ring on main line


Inside Wire Maintenance – covers premise visit & labor charges for work done inside your home; for Trouble Tickets-does not include customer owned equipment




**NOTE:  There are “built in” instructions for any feature with the * (star).



Last Call Return – Gives last caller information and will redial the number

To Activate Press *69



Distinctive Ring – Enter up to 32 number that will have a special ring when incoming

To Activate Press *61



Anonymous Call Rejection – Refuse calls from those who have blocked numbers

To Activate Press *77



Selective Call Acceptance – Decide which calls you will take

To Activate Press *64 (up to 32 numbers)



Selective Call Rejection – Don’t let unwanted calls disturb you

To Activate Press *60 (up to 32 numbers)



Selective Call Forwarding – Decide which calls should follow you to another number

To Activate Press *63 (up to 32 numbers)



Call Forward Busy – If your line is busy your calls can be answered by someone else

To Activate Press *90; To De-Activate Press *91



Call Forward No Answer -  When you can’t answer, forward your calls to someone who can. 

To Activate Press *92; to De-Activate Press *93          




Automatic Recall – Block to Private – Stop someone from recalling your Name & Phone number;

To Activate Press *67



Customer Originated Trace – Trace an obscene or threatening call which is only Released to law enforcement; To Activate Press *57


$10.00 Per Use

Continuous Redial – If a line is busy, this will recheck & dial when it is free;

To Activate Press *66



Published number – Name will appear in Directory and listed w/information


Non-Published number – Name will NOT appear in Directory and will NOT be given out at directory assistance

Non-Listed number – Name will NOT appear in Directory, but WILL be given out at directory assistance

Done Automatically





$ 2.00/month

PACKAGE RATES:  Individual Services

Two Services: $3.50                               Three Services: $4.50

Four Services: $5.00                                Five Services: $5.50

Six Services: $6.00                                 

$2.00 each



All Services $7.50/mo

ROUND UP:  This is a Community Service which we offer.  We can round your telephone bill UP to the nearest whole dollar and donate that amount to a charity of community service in the Lincoln/Canyon Creek area.  It costs participants an average of $ .50 cents a month.  We Welcome Your Participation!











Internet Tech Premise Visit

$20 Premise Visit

$60.00/hour Labor

Telephone/Cable TV Premise Visit

$20.00 Premise Visit

$60.00/hour Labor

Add or connect any service – One time fee for Phone


Additional Listing in Directory

$ 2.00/month – Res

$2.80/month - Bus

PLOW CHARGES:  New Construction site located within 500 ft of existing cable that has adequate capacity to serve proposed facility


Plow construction Beyond 500 ft

Construction to a new subdivision or previously unserved area will be quoted in an individual basis


CONTRACT PLOW RATES:  Plow Cat Flextrack

                               Vermeer 8550 and Vermeer 7550

                               LM35 Drop Plow

                               (ONE HOUR MINIMUM)


Plow for Out of Building Extension  (OBE)


(The above rates include 1 operator only.  There will be an additional per hour charge per additional man required.)  One Hour Minimum.




$ 1.00 per foot






$ 95.00/hour



$5.00 per foot



$60.00 per man





*Note:  Telephone, Cable TV and Internet all come on one bill.  You may use one check to pay for all services