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Internet Support


  • DSL
  • ·         Power Cycle your modem/router?
    • o   This will re-synchronize both the DSL signal from your modem to the C.O. and the modem to your computer/router.  Unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug back in, allow 1 minute for modem to sync up.
  • ·         What is your DSL “Sync” light status?
    • o   This light will either be labeled (Ready, Status, ADSL, DSL).  This light should be solid.  Allow 1 minute after reboot for modem to sync.
    • o   Verify line conditioners/filters are plugged into all devices other than the modem.
    • o   Verify there is dial tone or switch tone on the DSL line.
    • o   Verify the phone cord is in good condition and it is plugged directly into phone jack or line conditioning splitter.
    • o   Try another phone jack.
  • ·         Did you reboot your computer?
    • o   Monitor LAN light on modem/router during this.  Did LAN light go off and back on during reboot?
  • ·         Verify correct TCP/IP setting.
    • o   Open a command prompt (from RUN type CMD). Then type IPCONFIG. If you are using just a modem you should see a WAN IP address. Given to you at time of install.  If you are using a router you should have an address of 192.168.1.X
  • ·         Time to call 24 hour free Linctel tech support at 368-5505




  • ·         *Note*
  • ·         Do NOT press the reset button on the router.  Doing so will rest router to factory settings and will result in a reconfiguration charge.
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