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Cable TV

·       Cable TV


·         *Note – Lincoln Telephone demarks (point where we lose responsibility and customer resumes responsibility) at the grounding splicing, located on the outside of the house usually near the point of entry for the telephone service.  All work beyond this point will result in a charge to the customer. (Exception is a purchase plan of inside wire maintenance)


·         Are your channels fuzzy/static on more than one TV?

o   If your lower channels are affected.

§  Verify the cable condition is good and not wet. Exterior terminating ends are secure.


o   If your upper or all channels are affected.

§  Verify cable is in good condition and all terminating end are secure on all connections.


o   If your lower channels are affected on only one TV.

§  Verify terminating end is secure

§  Verify your VCR/DVD player is not on.


·         No signal or all channels are snowy?

o   More than one TV: Check line condition on outside of the house is in good condition and free of any hazards.

o   One TV: Verify TV is programmed correctly (refer to owners manual) and the coax cable is connected on both ends and secure